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Susie Munsey, LCSW
Child & Family Therapist


Resilience Therapy is now also offering Telehealth services! Please inquire. 

About Our Child Therapist 

My passion is to support children, youth and families through difficulties and help develop resilience in their lives. Through my counseling services, I will come alongside of you and your child, in the struggles you are facing, to help your child process emotions, develop coping skills, increase connectedness, and experience growth. My hope is to help children, teens and families know that they are not alone in what they are going through and provide them with a safe place to begin their healing journey.

I am a nationally certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I have extensive training and a deep passion for working with children and families experiencing grief. In addition to grief and trauma, I also love supporting children through anxiety, depression, anger issues, self-esteem issues, relationship difficulties and life transitions. I have partnered with many families to provide their children with coping abilities to get through various life difficulties and emotional challenges. 

I am a warm, accepting and empathic therapist, dedicated to assisting my clients achieve their therapeutic goals. I am intentional in creating a relaxed environment, developing a trusting relationship, adapting to individual needs and providing clear communication. I’m also a mom, a native Arizonan, and I love dogs!

Resilience Therapy is conveniently located in the heart of Tucson.


Your first


    • One Time Session
    • 60 – 90 minutes

Individual Sessions

One on one ongoing therapy


  • Per Session
  • 50 minutes

Family Sessions

Ongoing family


  • Per Session
  • 50 minutes

Resilience Therapy services are direct pay. Payments are accepted in the following forms: HSA/FSA card, cash, check, credit card. I am happy to provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for possible Out of Network benefits. A limited number of reduced fees are available for qualifying families; if in need, please request by phone.

Insurance is not currently accepted. 


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Therapy for the Tucson Family

I often tell my family and friends that seeking out therapy shows inner strength not weakness. We were never meant to do life alone. Together we are stronger and healthier individuals. We all need people to link arms with us during hardships. Accessing the resources in our community, such as therapy services, is a courageous act because that means you are willing to face difficulties and work towards your family’s emotional wellness. I am here to help and there is hope! 

What to Expect At Resilience Therapy

The first session with your child’s therapist will be longer than regular sessions, about 60-90 minutes. We will get to know one another, discuss your child’s history, strengths, current concerns and collaborate on a plan for goals your child and family would like to work towards in therapy. 

The following sessions will be 50 minute sessions at intervals throughout the month that we agree on based on treatment needs, for example, 4x a month or 2x a month. I enjoy tailoring sessions to each unique client’s preferences and needs. I enjoy utilizing games, art, movement, mindfulness and relationship building techniques to engage children in each session. I love getting to know what each child is interested in and being able to bring that into sessions to keep them excited and engaged. Therapy does not have to be boring, kids like to have fun! I love partnering with parents to help children and their families accomplish their therapeutic goals and I am happy to offer feedback and helpful strategies to assist you in supporting your child in their healing journey.

Please reach out about therapy for your child. I’m here to help.